Malcolm was featured in Lancaster Online. Here is the article!

A local 20-year-old artist has a lot of things to say. He just doesn’t always use words to say them.

When he was a child, Malcolm Corley was diagnosed with a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum called pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified, or PDD-NOS. It’s a term that, according to his mother Maria Corley, isn’t really used anymore. PDD-NOS means he struggles with social cues and has limited verbal expression. But when Malcolm Corley is at his art easel, the ways in which he expresses himself are limitless.

A recent painting, “Untitled #1,” was selected by the Kennedy Center for its 2019 VSA Emerging Young Artists Program and featured in its traveling exhibit called “Connected.” The exhibit features a wide range of work by 15 artists with disabilities at the beginning of their careers. Malcolm Corley, who has met the graduation requirements at Hempfield High School but is finishing an extra year of instruction, is the youngest of the group.

Maria Corley reached out to the Lancaster Museum of Art to bring in the exhibit.

“It’s wonderful to see him getting some recognition,” she says.

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