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Learn more about this talented and award-winning young artist.

At the age of three, Malcolm Corley (b. 1999) was diagnosed with autism. 


At about the same time, he began to draw the sketches from the TV show, Blues Clues. Recreations of Dr. Seuss’s illustrations came next, some of which he drew from memory. 

A few years ago, Malcolm became obsessed with visiting a Dutch amusement park he’d seen online. Malcolm’s Tiles (www.malcolmstiles.com) was established in the summer of 2015 to help him fund what seemed like an impossible dream. By January of 2017, Malcolm had sold enough hand-drawn tiles to allow his sister and his mother to accompany him on a summer trip to Europe. He continues to sell his work online and at local craft shows. 


In February, 2019, his sketch “Jazz Hands” was published in Hot Metal Bridge, and eight of his portraits were published in Up the Staircase. 


“Kiana” appeared on the Fusion Art website in March, 2019; two months later, “Closet” was published in Penn Review. His art has been shown at the Ware Center in Lancaster, PA, and the 24th Annual Art Ability Exhibition at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital. In addition, he has had solo shows at the Winter Center and the Emerald Foundation, also in Lancaster. “Untitled #1,” an oil painting Malcolm created in AP Art class at Hempfield High School, was one of 15 works chosen by The Kennedy Center’s 2019 VSA program, which is open to 19-25 year-old American artists with disabilities. The winning artwork will be on display in Washington, D.C. for two weeks, and will then tour the country for approximately a year. Malcolm was the youngest artist to be recognized, and the only one with no post-secondary art training. 

When he’s not drawing or painting, Malcolm loves to listen to an eclectic selection of music. He can sing in six languages, and is a member of the choir and an occasional drummer at the church where his mother is the music director. In addition, Malcolm enjoys his Zumba and tap classes. He’ll never turn down a good party, especially if there’s music and—above all else—pizza.


Learn about the Genesis of Malcolm’s Tiles

Malcolm Has Many Talents

Malcolm also loves to sing and dance. Watch this touching performance of him singing “Different” from the Broadway musical, “Honk.”

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