Malcolm’s Tiles was born in August of 2015 because of a dream. Thanks to you, and the many others who ordered his tiles, bought them at craft shows or visited his table at last year’s National Autism Conference, that dream came true in an astounding two years. I hope you enjoy these pictures from Malcolm’s time in Apeldoorn, NL, the home of Julianatoren.

Even though he reached his initial goal, Malcolm’s Tiles is about more than a single trip: it’s an opportunity for an autistic teenager to beat the odds. At 18, Malcolm’s life is still ahead of him, and his challenges remain. It is the hope of all who care about him that Malcolm’s Tiles can continue to be a way for him to earn an income with his artistic gifts. To that end, I’m asking for your ideas for new designs. What would you like to see? Your suggestions–and your prayers–are always welcome.

Below are just a few pictures from his trip. To see the rest, follow Malcolmstiles on Instagram by clicking here.

Malcolm dancing like no one’s watching!

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