Malcolm was featured in a Lancaster Online article, discussing his journey as an artist, and his upcoming art exhibit.

Maria Corley thought her 3-year-old son’s drawings were familiar, but she couldn’t quite place them.

She realized her son Malcolm’s drawings weren’t just the freeform scribbling of most children his age. Malcolm was actually recreating the illustrated clues on the television show “Blues Clues.” Shortly after, he started to recreate characters from Dr. Seuss books from memory.

Around the same time his artistic talents were starting to bloom, Malcolm was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, which is a developmental disorder on the autism spectrum.

The diagnosis has been far from restrictive in regards to Malcolm’s spirit. Now 18, the hardworking senior at Hempfield High School crafts detailed sketches and large oil paintings in his Advanced Placement art class.

And, in addition to having a successful business selling his hand-painted tiles, Malcolm is about to celebrate his second art show dedicated entirely to his work.

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